CASE STUDY: Scaling Ads for a Swimwear Brand


A contemporary e-commerce retailer that specializes in selling size-inclusive women’s swimwear direct to consumer (D2C). After struggling to scale their brand’s digital ads in-house and seeing a drop in revenue due to changes in how Facebook can track and utilize data, they brought Pink Sheep Publicity on to provide digital marketing management and strategy services.


Ad Spend: $26,680.00

Online Purchases: 5,200

ROAS: 5.4x

Conversion Value: $14,390.00


  • Produce more compelling creatives for ad campaigns, as the brand’s current creatives were not hi-res, engaging or working to achieve their goals.
  • Restructure the brand’s Facebook ads funnel to optimize outreach and allocate ads budget meaningfully.
  • Restructure audiences to make strategic outreach via digital marketing ads more precise using existing customer data that had been collected through both organic sales and sales resulting from previous digital marketing campaigns.
  • Test creative & copy to determine how best to reach target audience and optimize ROI
  • Scale profitable ads through audience growth


  • Produce high quality editorial imagery for swimwear brand for usage in digital marketing campaigns as well as content marketing campaigns and public relations outreach.
  • Restructure Facebook Ads Funnel to better optimize usage of ads budget.
    • Top of Funnel: Potential consumers who have never heard of the brand.
    • Middle of the Funnel: Potential consumers that have heard of the brand, but never purchased directly from the brand before.
    • Bottom of the Funnel: Consumers who love the brand and are ready to buy. This could be the first time these consumers are purchasing or could be a return customer who has made a prior purchase directly from the brand (retargeting).
  • Refine target audience based on funnel performance
    • Add custom audience for retargeting based on existing customer data.
    • Create lookalike audience for top of the funnel usage using data collected through effective, high-conversion campaigns.
    • Stack lookalike audiences into one ad set to optimize performance.
  • Use exclusions to narrow down each audience within high-converting audiences to optimize before additional scaling.
  • Increase audience sizes on highest converting ads.
  • Fine tune ad copy & test additional creatives on high-converting ad sets in order to further optimize ROAS.
  • Create additional campaigns for seasonal periods using micro-targeting and highest performing, applicable audiences
    • To keep seasonal campaigns engaging, ensure that creatives used are tailored to tell the story of said campaign. Using generic or subpar content that doesn’t meaningfully engage the audience can negatively impact campaigns.
  • Increase growth internationally using localization
    • Translate campaigns into each market’s native language
    • Take local culture into account to create meaningful, engaging content that speaks to the localized audience in a respectful, authentic way
    • Take local culture into account when testing ads creatives. Don’t just use Google translate! Work with a native speaker and have verbiage of ads creatives checked to ensure that local colloquialisms and conversation into account.


This brand creates incredible high-quality, size-inclusive swimwear for women. However, they lacked the time and expertise to run strategic campaigns and didn’t have the resources or training to fully understand how to properly take advantage of the funnel system, create compelling campaigns, or produce compelling creatives that communicated their unique value proposition in a way that resonated with their target audience. They had an incredible product, but were leaving money on the table by not having high-converting digital ads campaigns.


By fixing the brand’s creatives and restructuring their ads funnel, we were able to not only increase their revenue, but also their brand awareness and engagement across all social media platforms used. The high quality content we created for the brand’s ads campaigns not only improved ad performance, but also improved their PR and content marketing strategies, as it better showed the product and was on par with the creatives of the brand’s market competitors.


Prior to working with us, the brand’s ROAS was 2.5x. Within our first two months of strategy implementation, we were able to increase their average ROAS to 4.64x. After six months, we were able to increase their average campaign ROAS for ongoing campaigns to 5.4x.

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