Build a Better E-Commerce Site

The global pandemic has resulted in retail brands of all sizes prioritizing digital channels for everything from customer service to commerce. In 2021, e-commerce sales accounted for approximately 20% of all retail sales worldwide. In the US alone, retail e-commerce revenue reached $767.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to surpass $1329 billion by 2025.

So why does it matter? If your website is not optimized and well-designed, you could be leaving money on the table. Web design is critical when creating an e-commerce website, specifically for fashion and lifestyle brands, where visual storytelling is integral to connecting with customers. If you want to build consumer trust, necessary to gaining clients and building sales, you’ll need to put serious thought into your website.


Think back to your best and worst online shopping experiences. What do you love and hate about other e-commerce sites? What sites are you constantly returning to and why? Remember that you’re providing a service. Keep the processes on your website simple and the site easy to navigate. The process of using your site should be simple, straight-forward and hassle-free for visitors so they enjoy the experience of shopping with you. Make sure your product imagery is hi-res and pertinent information like product dimensions, size guides and fabric content are easy to access for each product.


A simple way to gain consumer trust and increase conversion rates is to provide social proof on your website. Let potential buyers know what past customers think of and feel about your products. Your website header or footer should have links to your social media pages so that anyone visiting your website can easily find your accounts. If you have press tears, make sure to have a press page on your site to let visitors know what people are saying about your brand. You can also display alerts at the bottom of your page to let website visitors know when a purchase has been made on your site.


We’ve written before about the importance of branding (see here) and that absolutely applies to your website. From your website to your socials to your ads to your product packaging, make sure that anytime a customer or potential customer comes into contact with your company, the branding is consistent and your logo, brand colors, graphic standards and tone of voice are all in line with the message you want to convey to your target audience.


According to a study conducted by Google, 85% of consumers start a purchase on one device and complete it on another. Making sure your website is easy to use, easy to navigate and responsive on all devices will set you apart from the competition and make your site look and feel more professional. Bonus points for enabling Instagram & Facebook shopping, to allow further ease to purchase for consumers. Remember, the goal is to make the process simple and streamlined for your customers.

Ready to build a better e-commerce site but need assistance? Contact our talented team to discuss how we can help your brand shine online.

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