By aligning public relations objectives with a strategic digital marketing plan, our team can construct and implement a compelling strategy that gets your brand in front of your ideal audience in a meaningful & memorable way that leads to consistent growth and long-term success.

All of our departments work together to strategize how to take your brand to the next level with a competitive, cohesive plan that combines PR and digital marketing tactics with a strong social media campaign and consistent product placements.


Media Outreach

Our traditional PR outreach can get your brand the recognition and exposure it deserves. From regularly pitching top tier media and press kit development to press release distribution and media training, we can amplify your brand and establish third party credibility.

Product Seeding

Working with the hottest lifestyle influencers and celebrities in your niche to bring your collection to life, we understand how to amplify your brand through meaning product placement opportunities and seeding campaigns. Through our global network of innovators, influencers, celebrities, and stylists, we can create and actualize meaningful opportunities to build brand awareness globally for our clients.

Podcast Placements

Podcast tours are a powerful, dynamic way for the founders, designers, and creative entrepreneurs behind the brands we represent to tell their stories and expand their incredible businesses in an authentic way. We can book our clients on the right podcasts according to their goals and target audience in a meaningful way that leads to increased consumer engagement and brand awareness.

Digital Media Relations

Our targeted online media and blogger outreach is designed to secure digital press placements that will increase your brand’s online visibility across the web and drive directly traffic to your website to increase not only brand awareness but also sales.

Showroom Space

Our offices in Los Angeles feature prime showroom spaces where stylists, celebrities, and influencers can pull from our clients for upcoming projects, collaborate, and experience the brands we represent and their incredible collections firsthand. We also regularly host pop-up showroom events in New York, Miami, Toronto, and London to ensure our brands are always in front of the media and tastemakers that matter.

PR Strategy

Building buzz, credibility, and brand awareness takes time, persistence and consistency. We work with our brands to build & implement a solid, customized public relations strategy that not only builds brand awareness but supports the overall business strategy by aligning pr goals with marketing goals and the industry calendar.


Paid Social Campaigns

Increase traffic, conversions, and ultimately sales by implementing a competitive, creative-driven multi-platform strategy that engages potential consumers. We craft and execute successful and profitable ad strategies through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and SnapChat.

Affiliate Marketing

In today’s digital media landscape, affiliate marketing overlaps with earned media and seeding strategies and can further amplify a brand through increased linking to a brand’s e-commerce store. We understand the complexities of launching and managing an affiliate marketing program and by combining the powerful leverage of our longstanding relationships with our expertise, we’re able to deliver rapid results and sustainable growth for our clients’ affiliate marketing programs that result in a positive ROI.

Email & SMS Marketing

Educate your audience on the value of your brand, keep them engaged between purchases and up to date on all the latest happenings, sales, news, and collections your brand has to offer with a strong email & SMS marketing strategy that regularly keeps your brand in front of your most loyal followers in a way that leads to increased conversions and return sales.

Paid Search Campaigns

Increase visibility of your brand in search engine results pages by letting us create and implement a competitive SEM strategy that can lead to not only increased traffic, but also increased sales. Our team understands how to target applicable keywords that can increase site conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy allows you to align your marketing initiatives with user behavior. Let our dedicated team manage your online presence across platforms by creating and publishing engaging content and interacting with your growing audience on your behalf. We create dynamic content calendars that incorporate all applicable platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat, and engage, inform, and educate the target audience consistently and strategically.


Combining targeted media tactics allows brands to reach key stakeholders and maximize exposure. We work to improve organic search engine results through proper keyword integration & regularly updating metadata.


Wholesale Representation

We know how to position our clients to stay ahead of the curve and optimize their retail placements across the US & Canada. Our team has the know-how and experience to create, manage, and support your brand’s wholesale strategy. From taking your brand to market to direct outreach to retailers, we help our brands secure purchase orders with the best buyers and merchandise directors in the industry.

Trend Forecasting

Our trained team of fashion & retail experts analyzes market trends and buying habits so our clients can make educated decisions on future style trends so we can best guide our clients forward on designing new collections. Let us help you make your next collection the most compelling yet.

Trade Show Representation

We have experience showing at all the major US trade shows including Coterie, MAGIC, Intermezzo, and Coast, and taken clients to market in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami. Let us take your products directly to the biggest and best buyers in the United States to secure meaningful retail placements for your brand by building strategic, long-term partnerships that lead to consistent sales.


Not every design makes it to the shelves. With decades of industry experience, our merchandisers can assist with any needs your creative design team may have to prep your collection for market.


Content Creation

A strong brand story starts with strong, branded imagery that tells a compelling, authentic story. Our professional photographers have produced shoots from London to LA and are available for both lifestyle and product photography shoots to ensure your imagery and content are competitive, engaging, and telling your brand’s unique story.

Fashion Design

Let us help bring your vision to life. From fashion illustration and design to technical design and tech pack creation, our fashion experts can offer you both guidance and service you every step of the way in your design journey.

Event Management

Our team positions our clients at the top of their industries by crafting innovative, effective events that lead to lasting results. From event creation and planning to on-site management day-of, our team can handle every aspect of your event to generate maximum visibility and press exposure for your brand.

Graphic Design

Optimizing your marketing efforts across all channels to build and employ a professional brand that’s easily recognizable starts with strong graphic standards. Our brand builders know how to create designs and standards that resonate.


Financial Planning

Make the most of your assets and ensure your brand’s ability to reach present and future goals by letting our experienced team work with your brand to perform a comprehensive evaluation. We can create a roadmap for your financial future by evaluating inventory and assets to determine how to optimize your budget for short and longterm growth.

Brand Development

We can work with your team to create or reinvigorate your branding standards by creating a strong branding book that aligns your graphic standards with your business objectives to ensure cohesive branding across all platforms.

Business Strategy

Identifying the key steps to take to reach your business goals is integral to longterm success and brand building and scaling. By identifying a clear, strategic plan for how to reach your goals, you can focus on capitalizing on your strengths, using them as a competitive advantage that makes your company unique in a very competitive marketplace.

Web Development

A strong e-commerce site educates, informs & sells. Our e-commerce specialists understand how to create customized websites that establish and strengthen your brand, acquire loyal customers, gain new insights, and optimize your sales and marketing strategies.


1:1 Coaching

Reached a plateau and need to pick an expert’s brain? We offer multiple one-one-one coaching call options. Book a one-on-one consultation with one of our PR, Fashion or Digital Marketing pros or a team meeting to build a cohesive strategy and we will go over your pain points in detail and craft an action plan to solve or troubleshoot whatever is holding you back.

Strategy Audits

We’ve got you covered. After an hourlong call with your team and full review of your assets, our experienced team of trend forecasters, fashion designers, merchandisers, digital marketers, social media gurus, accountants & publicists will come together to craft a customized SWOT & strategic plan that your team can implement in-house.

Retail Strategy

Looking to bring in an extra set of eyes? Let us evaluate which products have best-seller potential and help you merchandise your next collection to optimize for market. We can also develop your B2B sales strategy by preparing line sheets and look books for outreach and helping you develop terms & conditions for sales

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