How to Build a Press Kit and If you Really Need One.

EPK, media kit, and press package are a few of the names by which the press kit goes.

Do you need one? Absolutely! Whether you’re a major brand or a small business, having a curated collection of assets that you can digitally share to potential partners, be they journalists, influencers, affiliates or investors, can take the stress and guess work out of sharing your brand’s story by allowing you to have a cohesive, encompassing package at the ready that offers a bird’s eye look at your brand. Think of your press kit as a “101” intro lesson that explains who you are, what you do, and why you’re important.

Here are the key elements that every press kit should include.

Cover Page: Start strong with a great title page that features a striking image that shows off your brand. Make sure to include your brand’s logo and MEDIA KIT [or whichever terminology you prefer] on this page

Boilerplate: 2 – 3 sentences that offer high-level background information on your brand, who it serves and how it differs from the competition

Designer’s Note: Depending on the structure of your company, this can come from the founder, designer, or creative director of the brand. Include a brief bio including their professional background, why they founded the brand, their design philosophy and one or two quotes that can be used by press.

Brand Story: This is a more in-depth biography of your brand that offers an inside look at where you’re brand started, where you are now and where your brand is going. Tell your brand’s story in an authentic, succinct way that communicates your brand’s values, unique selling proposition (USP) and journey.

Seasonal Collection Imagery: To keep your press kit fresh, update the imagery you include every season to show off your latest collection.

Press Tears: Include any notable press tears or placements your brand has already secured. Keep it current – only include tears within the last 6 to 12 months, depending on how many placements you have to pull from.

FAQ: Include answers to your brand’s most regularly asked questions as they apply to your brand’s standards. Where are your products manufactured? Where is your brand available for purchase? If your brand is size inclusive, include what sizes your brand carries. If your brand is sustainable, include information on your sustainability practices.

Links to Socials & Website: Make it easy for viewers to connect with you online by sharing clickable links to your social media accounts and website.

REMEMBER: The reason you’re sharing your press kit is because you want to spread the word about your brand. Make accessing the assets you share simple and streamlined. Don’t expect the recipients to download multiple attachments; instead keep the process of learning about your brand stressless for the by compiling all the elements as a PDF and upload to your Google Drive or Dropbox so you can provide a link to view to anyone to whom you are sharing your press kit. Making your EPK easy to access and easy to navigate will set you apart and increase the odds of someone you’re cold contacting actually viewing your kit.

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