Level Up Your Web Copy

Of course imagery, particularly if you’re selling in the highly visual fashion space, is integral to building your brand story and your website, but don’t underestimate the equal importance of meaningful copy. Why does investing in your e-commerce website copy matter? The way you describe your product, communicate your unique value proposition (USP), and encourage website viewers to convert from visitors to paying customers through the verbiage on your site can directly impact your sales.


Think about the different ways in which you communicate with people in your life. A great communicator knows how to read the room and speak to their audience in a way that resonates. When you’re writing copy for your site, think about your target consumer. It’s important to keep your communication authentic; don’t pander or preach, but speak to them in a way that’s relatable. Producing copy that drives conversions starts with understanding who your customer is and how to speak to them in a meaningful way.

[Note: Not sure who your audience is or where to start? Check out our previous post on determining your target audience here.]


Yes, you want to sell, but that’s not a reason for your customer to buy. Think about them and how you can serve your customers better than the competition. What are their pain points? What are their needs? How can your brand make a difference in their lives in a way the competition can’t? Providing your customer with a solution, whether you’re selling swimwear or supplements, will set you apart. Think back to why you started your brand and what you can offer better than anyone else and explain that to your customers in a concise, meaningful way.


Whether your brand’s tone is reliable and scientific, fun and upbeat, or elegant and luxurious, make sure to keep the tone consistent and on brand across your entire website. Using consistent tone, tense, and person, as well as proper grammar, not only adds an air of professionalism and legitimacy to your site, but also helps to reinforce your brand’s overall aesthetic. Make sure that the tone you choose to use for your copy is cohesive with your imagery and graphic design standards; everything should work together to tell the story of your brand.

Pro Tip: Outside of your website, make sure the verbiage you use across your socials and press materials is also consistent and cohesive with the tone of the website copy. Everything that speaks to your brand should have a cohesive, consistent voice with which customers can familiarize themselves.


What information does your customer base ask for most? Saving your customers time by providing answers to the most common questions before they have to ask is a great way to add value to your website and better serve your audience. Any question that has popped up in your inbox from potential or current customers more than a few times should be added to your website’s FAQ page.


When you’re shopping online, what information do you value and/or look for on the websites on which you’re shopping? Think about your own needs as a consumer. What websites do you keep going back to and why? Talk to your friends and peers and find out what they value during their own online shopping experiences. If you already have customers, ask for their input! What do they love and what could you improve to better serve them?

Writing copy isn’t a science, but rather an art form that requires understanding your brand, your customer and how to meaningfully and effectively communicate to consumers why they should WANT to buy your product.

REMEMBER: Copy can also directly impact your SEO,. By creating useful, compelling content that incorporates targeted keywords authentically, your site will not only be more valuable to the visitors who are already there, but can also increase authority and relevance to those searching for similar products and/or services through search engines like Google or Bing.

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